@BryanAdams – The Ultimate Bryan

Artista: @BryanAdams
Álbum: The Ultimate Bryan
Lançamento: 2010
N° de Faixas: 75
Gênero: Rock
Qualidade: MP3 320 kbps
Tamanho: 732,65 MB


01. Remember
02. Lonely Nights
03. Straight From The Heart
04. Cuts Like A Knife
05. Thought I'd Died And Gone To Heaven
06. Please Forgive Me
07. This Time
08. Run To You
09. Somebody
10. Heaven
11. Summer Of '69
12. One Night Love Affair
13. It's Only Love (With Tina Turner)
14. Heat Of The Night
15. All For Love
16. Hearts On Fire
17. Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman
18. Rock Steady
19. Can't Stop This Thing We Started
20. The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You
21. There Will Never Be Another Tonight
22. Let's Make A Night To Remember
23. Star
24. Back To You
25. I'm Ready
26. On A Day Like Today
27. Cloud Number Nine
28. Here I Am
29. The Best Of Me
30. I'm Not The Man You Think I Am
31. Open Road
32. Til I Die [Live]
33. When You're Gone (With Melanie C)
34. So Far So Good
35. Broken Wings
36. Flower Grown Wild
37. I Ain't Losin' The Fight
38. I Thought I'd Seen Everything
39. Mysterious Ways
40. Oxygen
41. She's Got A Way
42. Something To Believe In
43. The Way Of The World
44. Tonight We Have The Stars
45. Walk On By
46. We Found What We Were Looking For
47. Best Was Yet To Come
48. Don't Leave Me Lonely
49. Let Him Know
50. Only One
51. Take Me Back
52. What's It Gonna Be
53. (Everything I Do) I Do It For You
54. The Only Thing That Looks Good On
55. When You're Gone
56. Don't Give Up
57. Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman
58. I'm Ready [Live]
59. Inside Out
60. Lets Make A Night To Remember
61. It's Only Love
62. Do I Have to Say the Words
63. Kids Wanna Rock
64. One Good Reason
65. Don't Look Now
66. Coming Home
67. Fits Ya Good
68. Jealousy
69. Tonight
70. You Want It, You Got It
71. Last Chance
72. No One Makes It Right
73. She's Only Happy When She's Dancin'
74. Long Gone
75. Ain't Gonna Cry

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