Eddie Vedder: Ukulele Songs

Artista: Eddie Vedder
Álbum: Ukulele Songs
Lançamento: 2011
Gênero: Folk
N° de Faixas: 16
Qualidade: 256 Kbps
Tamanho: 78 MB

01. Can´t Keep
02. Sleeping by Myself
03. Without You
04. More Than You Know
05. Goodbye
06. Broken Heart
07. Satellite
08. Longing to Belong
09. Hey Fahkah
10. You´re True
11. Light Today
12. Sleepless Nights (featuring Glen Hansard)
13. Once in Awhile
14. Waving Palms
15. Tonight You Belong to Me (featuring Cat Power)
16. Dream a Little Dream

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